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A brief look into the calm, cool and collective Stephen

About Stephen

I'm a jack of many trades. I enjoy working on cars, working in the garden, construction work and cooking to name a few. By the way, I excel in all I do. My childhood dream job was becoming a racecar driver. To fulfill that dream I started collecting AFX slot cars. I currently have over 60 slot cars dating back 50 years in model styles. I even have a permanent track set up in my garage. Although I'm good in basketball, baseball, hold records in track and love playing soccer, I'm a ringer in badminton! Staying fit and healthy mentally and physically is how me Mum raised me. However Visual Design has always been a big part of me. In the beginning, I painted, colorized my Lego creations, created moving banners for my slot car sets, always took pictures, excelled in mechanical and architectural drawing, which assisted me to acquire two college degrees and an excellent career in Graphic Design

My Mission

My mission is to provide intelligent, innovative & quality designs for your small or large business. The growing Internet environment has made the entire world accessible at a push of a button and visual presentation is a key element for many businesses to survive in today’s market place. However quality visual presentation is not achieved by a push of a button or simply the ability to turn on a computer and use an automated graphic program. It is achieved through education, experience, customer service, pride & gift. My goal is to ensure your business identity communicates and delivers a positive first impression and a lasting impression to all your customers.

Reason Why Stephen Is Your Choice

I am a highly creative and multi talented Visual/Graphic/Web Designer with extensive experience in web, visual and print design. I have exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, charismatic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities also vastly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations; Accomplished at building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships. Passionate and innovative creator of inventive visual marketing strategies and campaigns; accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments while meeting or reducing budget expectations..


"While working at AT&T Advertising Solutions, I worked with Stephen on many design projects. He conceptualized creative designs for local and national advertising campaigns, provided local news paper layouts and assisted me with local barter successes ..."
Anne Grenier/ AT&T Marketing Manager

"Stephen has a great global brand aesthetic and overall design sensibility. From product designs to marketing communications and graphic design, he creates imagery that is on point with brand goals. Stephen is also a rare talent in his ability to both take specific design direction and to effectively collaborate with others. It is always a pleasure to work with a true design professional, and Stephen is one such individual..."
Jame Bolt, jrbolt@hotmail.com

"In my twenty-year career with AT&T it was my pleasure to work with Stephen W. Johnson. Stephen and I were coworkers and I had the opportunity to get to know his artistic flair and his management style as a senior employee and then as a subordinate. Stephen is unflappable in the face of adversity and constant deadline pressure. Our department served the creative needs of the largest advertising sales force in the nation and with that job came a constant demand for organization, creativity and steady results. Stephen excelled in all these areas as he worked to keep his artist productive by giving them the resources and the training they needed to keep productive and effective. Stephens's knowledge of Graphic Design techniques combined with strong sense fairness makes Stephen a multi-talented MVP to any team he joins. I highly recommend Stephen W. Johnson in either a creative or a management capacity as he excels in both areas..."
Tom Bianchini, Creative Director Sterling Direct Marketing

"Stephen never ceases to amaze me with his calming demeanor. He developed goals for each office to meet department objectives consistent with established priorities of publication book order. He is able to structure the workload in order to avoid a crisis. He identifies any problems and acted to rectify them by employing analytical thinking and sound judgment. Stephen leads by example. He aides subordinates in improving performance on the job. ..."
Vanessa Harris, AT&T Area Manager